Choosing an Escape Ladder

An escape ladder can save your life as well as that of the people that you love the most and maybe even neighbors and others. It is beneficial that you have a fire escape ladder in place if you are not living on the first floor of a home, but with so many available how can you choose?


Yes, the brand of escape ladder chosen is very important. Make sure  to consider a few before making the buy.


Cost is also important. Ladders come in prices high and low. Set a budget and then you can choose accordingly.


Do not purchase a ladder that had not been independently tested. This is a dangerous decision that could be very costly to you.


What ladders are others recommending? You can ask around and get opinions and this oftentimes makes it much easier. It is easy to get recommendations from the web, the fire department, online, and via many other sources. Don’t miss out on that chance.


Several types of ladders are available. You should take the time to look at each of them to determine which is most appropriate for your needs. While one person may prefer one type, you may like something else, so always take this time to compare the choices.


The size of the ladder is important of course because you want it to be able to help you fully space. Make sure that always choose the ladder based upon the size.

Choosing a fire ladder is a bit of a process but one well worth it since it can save your life and that of so many others. Use the above tips to help select a ladder and gain peace of mind and confidence when it is needed the most.